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TJSH is a Department of Mental Health contracted provider that supports people with disabilities. TJSH supports people in Individualized Supported Living (ISL) services where a person lives in their home. Support staff assists with daily living skills and being a part of the community. We also support people in shared living, where a person with disabilities lives with a family and is integrated into a family unit and community.

What We Strive For

We talk to the people we support and listen to what they say. Communication is vital and is done in various methods. We try to understand what people are trying to communicate in various forms. We listen to our direct support staff and support them through training, mentoring, and cheering them on. TJSH’s philosophy is to do right, love to help others, and be teachable. If we all maintain these principles, we can overcome anything.

Management and administration have a strong presence in the homes. We listen to what people are saying, take suggestions and implement ideas. It takes a team to ensure people with disabilities have a meaningful life and thrive.

Our Story

“The TJSH story is a God story. It started with a prayer and a dream of working with people with disabilities. By the grace of God, I received the bid from DMH and remodeled our three-bedroom ranch into a licensed group home. We spent every dime we had, and family & friends worked around the clock for the first 3 to 4 months until we got our first DMH check.

Nine people with severe and profound disabilities moved into our ranch home, and we did our best to keep up with those running out the door and those who needed a great deal of personal care. It was not what you call a smooth ride.

With lots of prayer, training, teamwork, and support from the regional office, I made it through the first year and learned what I loved to do most; cheer people on to be the best they can be.

Whether you have disabilities or you do not, I firmly believe everyone has a purpose. And although it might be hard to get through some things on the way, it will happen if you keep pursuing your dream. “

-Tracey Hollis, Owner

Our People

Keely Gale - Owner _ Board Member

Keely Gale

Owner / Board Member
Nate Swift - Owner _ Board Member

Nate Swift

Owner / Board Member

Becky Christian


Benita Watson


Brittany McDaniel


Cindy Tusher

RN Level 1 Medical Trainer

Dana Gray

Professional Manager

David Allen


Georgia Mulvey

Professional Manager

Karen Ginder

Director of Finance

Kim Palmer


Kristy Breen


Larenda Williams

Professional Manager

Mary Jo James

Professional Manager

Nora Triplett

Shared Living Coordinator

Tara McIntire


Tiffany Howell

Professional Manager

Tristen Drake

Professional Manager

Carla Hayes

Professional Manager

Maggie Fielder

Employee – Liaison

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a person get services?

To receive services from TJ Swift House, a person must have a diagnosis of an intellectual or developmental disability and receive services from the Department of Mental Health/Division of Developmental Disabilities through a Regional Office. To inquire about DMH/DD services, contact Poplar Bluff Regional Office at 1-800-497-4214.

Where does TJSH provide service?

We have offices in Poplar Bluff, Alton, West Plains, and Rolla. We provide support to people in the surrounding areas of the office locations.

Does TJSH provide skilled nursing?

While TJSH does provide care that rises to delegated nursing tasks such as g-tube, c-paps, and insulin injections, we do not offer professional nursing care.

Does TJSH provide services to people with mental illnesses and substance abuse?

Not unless these conditions are co-occurring with an intellectual disability and/or a developmental disability. While these conditions fall under the Department of Mental Health umbrella, it is a different division of DMH. TJSH is a contracted provider with the Department of Mental Health/Division of Developmental Disabilities.

What ages does TJSH serve?

We work with people of all ages. We’ve supported people as young as ten years old to senior age.

Is TJSH an RCF or a group home?

No, we provide support to people who live in their own homes with staff to provide oversight for safety and teach daily living skills, coping skills, and social skills.

What services does TJSH provide?

  • ISL

services are people living in their own homes in their community and supported by staff who work shifts to teach them daily living, coping, and social skills.

  • Host Home

services is a family that has opened their home to support a person with disabilities living with the family. The person with disabilities is integrated into the family and their community. For more information about the host home, contact Nora Triplett at 417-293-9920.

  • Personal Assistance

is a service that is a few hours a day to help someone cook meals, take their medications, and pay bills.

  • Day Habilitation

service is a program where people can go during the day to socialize with others.