TJ Swift House advocates for the rights and needs of mentally disabled individuals every single day. Advocacy is at the heart of our mission at TJ Swift House, and we are committed as an agency to live out this ideal in everything we do. Our agency started with a simple mission, to cheer on and support individuals with disabilities to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. Our staff, services, and core values guide us in this mission on a daily basis.

TJ Swift House offers Individualized Supported Living, Shared Living, (Host Homes and Companion Homes) Day Habilitation, employment services, and more. Our ISL’s are a direct example of the way TJSH advocates for the rights of our individuals. Individualized Supported Living promotes independence while still remaining safe and supported with the help of our Direct Support Professionals. Our individuals cook, clean, and practice every day life skills in their homes. Supporting self-direction in this way is extremely beneficial to our individuals, and results in a profound sense of self and confidence.

Another way TJSH advocates for the rights and needs of mentally disabled individuals is through community connection. Birthday outings, holiday parties, movie screenings, and retreats are just a few examples of ways our agency regularly integrates our individuals into the community. Inclusion at TJSH looks like celebrating big wins, and the small ones, throughout our individuals lives. We are always cheering our individuals on, whether that’s successfully securing a full time job, or having a great day at school.

A third way TJ Swift House advocates for the rights and needs of our individuals is by simply listening. Communication with individuals who have disabilities can be complex and tough, but our staff is trained on how to effectively listen and communicate. Nonverbal communication is common, and being able to thoroughly understand our individuals needs through their specific ways of communication is key. Active listening, and ensuring our staff fully understands what the individual is trying to communicate is something we practice every single day. If you are interested in learning how to advocate for the rights and needs for mentally disabled individuals, please check out our Job Opportunities tab above. We are always looking for passionate individuals to join the agency.