What does support look like on a daily basis at TJ Swift House? On any given day, you’ll find our staff supporting our individuals, and staff supporting each other. Our agency operates as a unit, and supporting each other is how we successfully take care of our individuals. Community support is icing on the cake for our individuals at TJ Swift House. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “it takes a village.” And it really does. The first aspect that comes to mind when we think of community support at TJ Swift House has to be the people we employ. Our staff love people. In order to work in this profession, loving and caring for people is a must. Without our staff, who show up for our individuals every single day, we couldn’t exist as an agency. To us, that is the definition of community. 

On a day to day basis, our staff ensure our individuals are leading full and happy lives. It is important to the agency that our individuals get outside, have hobbies, and participate in company sponsored activities. We plan monthly events, and that way our staff and individuals have exciting things to look forward to. We go bowling, have pool parties, and take trips to the farm. Getting our individuals out and about is a priority to us as an agency.

Community support stretches beyond the walls of TJ Swift House. It is organizations like the Special Olympics, Yellow House Community Arts Center, and the Neighborhood Tribe that show up and support our individuals on a regular basis. The inclusivity of activities such as the Special Olympics give our individuals the opportunity to compete in sports they otherwise might not have access to. Yellow House Community Arts Center is a local institution that regularly hosts events for our individuals. Yellow House open its doors as a safe and fun place for the people we support. Recently, Yellow House hosted a dance for our Honest Imagination regulars (our art-based day hab). Our individuals had a blast, and made some memories that will last a lifetime. That’s what it’s all about.