Success stories are what we strive for at TJ Swift House. It is a driving force of our practices and ultimate goals as an agency. What is success? And what does that look like for individuals at our agency? Success is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. This looks different for everybody, and is not a blanket definition. Catering to our individuals specific needs and preferences is how we help them in the quest for success.

As an agency, we have countless success stories worth sharing, but Noah’s story is a special one. Noah was only 9 years old when he entered TJ Swift House. He came under our care after a traumatic experience. He bounced from one home to another. Initially, the agency struggled to find the right fit for him. That is until four months ago. David Allen, a director here at TJSH, approached leadership with an idea. David and his wife Kelli wished to welcome Noah into their home and family full time. The initial response to this was “David, are you sure?” His response was “Yes. It’s going to be hard, but we have been so blessed by this company, and we have this big house and we want to share it.” And so we made it happen. The first month was good, the second month was rough, the third month was really rough, and the fourth month was great. It seems they made it out of the woods.

In his new home, Noah has traveled to Branson, the St. Louis Zoo, and the Fox Theater. Noah went to summer school full time, and is thriving within his structure and routine. Come fall, Noah will be attending school full time. His home with David and Kellis is his safe space. HIs room was decorated just for him, and he loves swimming in the pool.

Stories like Noah’s are why we do what we do. HIs success story is inspiring and defines the very goals and values of TJ Swift House. We were running out of options for Noah, and by the grace of God and the Allen’s, we turned his story around. We are beyond proud of Noah and the Allen’s.